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Friday, 3 July 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

What Am I Buying?

Access to the posts currently made available via this domain name: for one year.  Aka:  There are now over 9,000 pages available to be viewed, many contain both text and audio or video, much of which, is long-length.  Before the site was taken private member only, the content you are contemplating accessing received over 4,000,000 views, from people, from over 190 countries, over the four or so years, it was available on the public web.  Please read the comments we receive and see for yourself a tiny example of just some of the pages you will be able to access. The authoer can be seen in the following two videos, interviewing Richard Gage, founder of Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth 911 - RICHARD GAGE - *CENSORED* CAMBRIDGE UNI INTERVIEW (1of2)

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Be a Scallwag: Meet Luke!  CENSORED INTERVIEWS: Luke Rudowski - We Are Change

Every subscription helps keep our free sites online:

Why Would I Purchase Access?

Please read the comments we receive and a tiny insight, through the links you can see on this page, to the vast array of knowledge on perhaps the widest range of subjects, anywhere on the web.  The author of the posts, has been tortured and also received an assassination attempt, in-home, in Surrey, United kingdom, for various reasons, prime among them, his work on cracking cryptography relating to 911.  If you want to know the truth; this site contains that much, it literally got the author tortured, and very nearly murdered.

How Can I Pay?

You can now pay by:
  • Credit card
  • Debit card 
  • using Bitcoin
If you're new to digital currencies grab a free bitcoin exchange account & free bitcoin wallet and once you have purchased some bitcoin via that third party site (or any other) you can pay using bitcoin!

Do You Give Refunds?

At the current time, no.  This is an all or nothing proposition.  One year access for the price stated; no refunds.  This policy is due to the prohibitive costs of making refunds (in both time and money) when we have managed to reduce the price of access to such a low price; offering refunds, is currently impossible.  It is also due to the nature of content itself: this is a fraud reduction measure.  Thieves, not wanted, here. :)

How Long Will It Be Before I Get Access

Short Answer

We try check orders, every 48 hours at the latest; often, many times per day.  So, you should receive after payment, the email you require to accept access rights, within approximately 48 hours maximum, from payment being received by us into either our bitcoin or merchant processing account.

Long Answer

This depends both on how long it takes us to process your order (currently this is not automated).  AND, we can only initiate that you received access rights by email; YOU MUST ACCEPT those rights, and not, of course, miss the email, e.g. by it getting lost in your SPAM folder, etc.

We do of course, offer customer support, in case the email genuinely never arrived, etc, and your access will run from the date we get you into the content (we can see that you have accepted the sent invite, after you have).  We do stress however, we cannot of course, accept the invite to access sent after we receive your money, in order to supply to you what you have bought, you must accept access rights by following the instructions you will receive AFTER we have received confirmation you have paid and thus initiated this process manually. 

What Don't You Want Me To Know?

About Getting Into The Site After You Have Paid

You will need an account with Google (which you can create free if you do not currently have one; we send the link to do this in our first email to you after you have paid). We currently use Google to authenticate access to the content.  You do not need to use any Google account you create for accessing our site for any other purpose; but you must understand if you make this non-refundable purchase, we can only supply it, providing your supply us with a Google account (simply put, a 'Google account' is a gmail account).

Again, we stress, you must be logged into that account, once we have initiated you claiming access rights after payment is received by us, in order to view any pages.

About The Content Itself

The content is published by which means, quite literally, you are not necessarily buying news, but reality; often the content we publish disappears quickly from the net.  The consequence of this, is that many of the pages inside the private web out of the 9,000 may have audio or video missing (no longer avaialable e.g. due to for instance youtube terms of service violations, accounts which uploaded videos may no longer be around).  We do NOT take down these pages, for of course, they teach you what the powers that be, REALLY don't want you to know about. :)

You want in, I can tell already:

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