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Tuesday, 3 November 2015


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Written and released just before 911; withdrawn from the market upon requested advice of Security Service (aka MI5); DOWNLOAD FREE check out this 2002 COPYRIGHT by the same author as the content you can buy access to via this website then SUBSCRIBE 9,500+ pages of totally new MIND-BLOWING content await the BRAVE: ! :) 
Old (2002) sales copy of this book sold to international law firms specialising in digital forensics AND PRIVACY & SECURITY & *ANONYMITY* of COMMUNICATIONS follow for your reference: includes quotes taken from a review of this book by IT LAW TODAY:


Every 'confidential' unencrypted email you ever send is being stored, copied and possibly redistributed widely and this could most certainly lead to your  professional or corporate 
ruin; worst case scenario,possibly jail!!

Dear Fellow Professional,
If you're under legal, regulatory or ethical duties to maintain client confidentiality and you're not yet evenoffering your clients any method of dealing with you securely online, by email, via the web, then listen carefully:  this web site is now exclusively offering my totally practical 'insiders guide' to secure, encrypted, authenticated, even totally anonymously sent but authenticated [digitally signed] email:  explosivecombinations! 
Understand the Profits-Boosting Productivity Power
You see, although you can use Secure, Encrypted, Authenticated and Anonymous Email Implementedpersonally to get just yourself up to speed in this crucial area for your business credibility, subject to licence, Secure, Encrypted, Authenticated and Anonymous Email Implemented is designed too, so that you may get EVERYONE IN YOUR PROJECT TEAM, FIRM or ORGANISATION or entire workforce actually using email and file encryption and digital signatures AUTOMATICALLY to; within about four hours!

Just Some of The Benefits

  • effortlessly use email and file encryption,... alone and with others! 
    Do it like the pro's:  learn here the essentials of a military grade solution to your personal privacy and email confidentiality issues!!

  • digitally sign email and files ,... so others know they are genuine!Digital signatures are increasingly legally enforceable - dare you think you can you stay in legal business without understanding them?!  I'd say not!

  • receive digitally signed email and files,... and know if they're genuine!

    It's relatively pointless understanding digital signatures unless you can also ensure they are genuine!!  NOT TO BE MISSED!

  • forensically delete sensitive electronic files of any description - automatically!Don't do an Anderson and get caught shredding documents after the fact:  shred electronic copies of your sensitive documents automatically, as soon as you no longer need to keep them!

  • effortlessly spot when someone's faking YOUR online email identity!Potentially 'online reputation' ruining whether true or not:  if you don't have the knowledge to sensible and accurately let others know it wasn't you!  Learn here:  essential knowledge to defend yourself from the pervasive 'SPAMMER' allegation!  

  • effortlessly ensure your web-form submissions are safe and secureKnow-it-all!  With these simple and easy to understand 'quick-checks' you'll never feel in fear giving out your personal or financial information ever again!  At least not without fully and clearlyunderstanding the risks!

  • protect yourself - from unauthorised spy ware, key loggers and distributed computing 'parasitic' infestations....   Before it's too late and your communications are compromised before you begin!  Get 'clean' before you get 'mean'!!  This shows you!

  • send anonymous email - as tracelessly as it gets!Fully revealed:  the email privacy secrets you government definitely would prefer you remainedwithout!  Literally Amazing!!! 


In the words of one of England's leading
ebusiness lawyers
"Chapter three is about 'Pretty Good Privacy'.[*]  Again the chapter was very practically useful. As someone who tries badly at IT conferences to explain digital signatures and my own amusing and ultimately unsuccessful attempt to get one working, this chapter would have helped had one access to it earlier." [*] PGP®! - the world's de-facto standard in encryption AND digital signature (online authentication of identity) technology
"The examples given throughout the text are particularly helpful in explaining the areas covered.  There is a useful one on Identity theft*.  Few of the existing internet law books explain such practical and important matters as well as this product does."* business & personal covered
"I reviewed this publication with unjustified low expectations and was very pleasantly surprised."
"Use of practical examples ... ensures that the reader sees how security issues can arise in practice in the use of email and the internet"
"For anyone seeking to hide their identity,... it is full of useful tips and hints"
"... It would be the kind of product to ask new recruits to an IT department to read before they start advising on this area of the law and would even be useful for personnel and IT departments themselves in dealing with some of the privacy and email legal issues which arise from time to time."
"It is a book ideally suited to electronic format with pictures of screen displays, things to do to get privacy and other elements working and practical advice and guidance..."
Excerpts from the book review entitled 'James Bond - IT Lawyer' written by Susan Singleton, Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales (and author of over 20 books on ecommerce business law and data protection risk management issues)  published in IT Law Today (July/August 2002 Edition, p.32), published by [publishers of over 200 legal titles including the Lloyds of London Law Reports].  Editors note:  this whole review available by fax, email or post via Sweet & Maxwell's 'DOCDELL' service - circa £15.00/$25.00.

Features befitting busy ecommerce professionals 

  • electronic delivery by download - whole product yours in minutes!Even if we're airmailing you a CD-ROM, if you order and pay online we'll send you an email containing everything you need to enjoy your new purchase immediately; including a link to download your copy of this product!

  • completely web-enabled - over 400 hyperlinks!Simply a must-have for the budget conscious privacy and data security would-be expert:  more than 400 highly researched hyperlinks connect you to the essential pay and free privacy software downloads, services, products and information you need to know about; either now, or if disaster strikes!

  • completely cross-referenced - over 500 hyperlinks!Where ever you want to go next; back to the beginning, deep into the appendices,.. straight through into the next sub-chapter... With over 500 internal hyperlinks [links to other parts or pages within the book itself], navigating your way quickly, easily, with only one-click; you're there!

  • screen shots and screen video - I show you on my PC on your PC!

    You're literally left in no doubt as you literally get the moving picture through the use of high quality screen graphics and screen video:  step-by-step, you effortlessly, visually, pictorially, implement secure, encrypted and digitally signed email and file transfers as you go through this electronic publication!!

  • exceptionally pleasurable layout - easy on the eyes & mouse finger!Each time you think you can't take it, this book intrigues further!  Not for a moment ever bored - the easy writing style keeps you wanting more:  simply and concisely put;  as easy to pick up and dash through at top speed as it is to take at your leisure for pleasure!!

  • completely self-extracting -  totally self-installing!  However new you are to computers and email you are, never mind if you've never bought an electronic publication that you download off the Net before:  With self-extracting software, one double click gets you going:  automatically!!

  • full glossary of terms - an essential reference guide for non-techies!

    Never be stuck with the meaning of anything!  Every technical word easily and effortless accessibly defined directly with a hyperlink exactly to the word used in the user-friendly hyperlinked glossary:  everything is only one click away; directly to just the word you need to read and the words within that definition you might need to recap too!   What a time-saver!

  • full further reading appendix - amazing links to privacy & security sites!

    Kabam!  Even if you we not the office security expert five minutes ago,... with a quick peek in this publication you certainly stand a good chance of faking it:  strictly until you've finished reading it of course!  :-)   Just as concise, or just as detailed as you require.  Integration is integral,  almost seamless!!

Understand the ebusiness profits power!

Understanding you are desperate to have solutions implemented quickly, but may not yet be comfortable ordering a book teaching you how to conduct secure transactions online. You can also order and pay offline, no problem too!  We've got free-phone and free-fax order lines waiting to take your call in over 15 countries!!  And we'll have the download link through to you, even if we are also sending you a CD-ROM - seconds after your payments clears; even if you've ordered and paid offline!  But back to the amazing levels of practical understanding you or your employees gain from reading just the first four chapters in Secure, Encrypted, Authenticated and Anonymous Email Implemented!

Chapter One - Secure Understood
  • What do we mean by 'secure' communications!
    Basic terms demystified & defined:  encryption, decipher, levels of encryption and layers or layered encryption explained....   Now you won't have to play the 'ignorant fool' any longer!  You'll be able to join in the debate totally informed!!

  • SSL demystified - not to be missed!!What SSL encryption is, where SSL encryption works and where it doesn't! Which pages are 'secure' on a 'secure' website,... and which are not.  How most people get 'diddled' and how to protect yourself, easily:  TOTALLY FREE!!  Literally everything you need to know to know when it's safe to send your credit card details, personal information and other data to a website!  Never again feel in fear when 'parting with your personals'!
  • Where exactly are we talking about when we use the phrase 'secure'Understand the environmental AND the electronic threats to your personal and business communications AND LEARN HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF FROM BOTH!!  Don't get caught out with unauthorised spy-ware, key-loggers or distributed computing installations!  What they are, how to find them, how to get rid of them.  WHERE TO OBTAIN THE BEST SOFTWARE TO AUTOMATE THESE TASKS + much, much more!!

  • When can the need for 'secure' ariseDON'T STAY IN THE DARK ANY LONGER!  Learn how to decide to take control of your Internet communications by deciding once and for all whether indeed you need to take precautions!  Don't think you know the answer yet either... not without first reading this essential information!

  • What level of 'secure' may be appropriateDifferent business or personal considerations mean YOU and YOU ONLY need to take decisions *TODAY* about what levels of security you are happy dealing with others at.  Decide ONLY after reading this essential sub-chapter!  Never use the wrong level of security ever again!  Know-it-all!

  • Anonymous email defined
    Understand once and for all the issue of anonymous email by understanding clearly what it is AND WHAT IT IS NOT!  Don't make the most common mistake of thinking the email you or your client just received is untraceable:  track it's progression with precision!

  • Basic anonymous email
    Don't think you're sending anonymous email when your not!  Find out the identity of someone who's *not* an expert who thinks they are sending you anonymous email!!  Literally amazing!!

  • How to spot anonymous email
    Never again be taken for a fool!  Don't get taken out by someone 'spoofing' sending email from your mail servers:  cheeky b******s!  Become a pro within minutes!  With this short guide at you side you'll be able to defend yourself from the spurious SPAM attack in seconds!   This simple guide lets you get them; before they've ruined your online reputation!!  
    Simply put, a must read!
  • Email relaying understood
    Just the essential details of what email relaying is; including why you need to be able to read email headers:  the 'postcode system' of internet use and abuse!  Once you've got this, you'll never think of 'secure' or 'anonymous' email in quite the same way again!  Promise!!
  • How to read email headersDon't get caught out by an Internet Cheat!!  Discover how to PROTECT YOURSELF THROUGH EDUCATION of how the email 'postcode system' works - once and for all!!    Spot fake and disingenuous email in seconds - waste time on spurious SPAM no more!  Defend yourself and/or your organisation from malicious or plain misled attacks!!

  • Advanced/Expert level email anonymityRemailers defined and explained - how these essential email privacy tools can help *ANY* business or organisation interested in email privacy to protect their identity online!  Now and for good!  Understand what is the threat - and how you can turn it to your advantage!!!  Secrets your government doesn't want you to know revealed:  if you're a self-employed e-entrepreneur - a must read!  Leaves your competition still in bed!!!!
  • Why Anonymous communications and the protection of your identity is of critical importanceBe left in no doubt as to why you need the ability to conduct anonymous communications:  EVEN IF YOU CAN'T THINK OF ONE GOOD REASON RIGHT NOW!!  Not to be missed - the 'why' of anonymity and risk protection explained!  Don't even think about publishing anything about your business, yourself or your organisation on the Net, not until you've absorbed this!

  • When the implication of Identity Theft hit you!Identity theft defined and understood through example - AND HOW YOU CAN PROTECT YOURSELF and your business or organisation!!  SHOCKING EXAMPLE INCLUDED; the clueless English Solicitor <g>!!  Essential links to some of the most helpful 'crisis management' sites out there; in case you get hit!!  Dare you stay in the dark any longer about this, one of the fastest-growing Net crimes in cyber-town?!



  • What is PGP®
    PGP® is a military grade encryption & authentication solution!!  Take it from the government of the USA!  Understand at last what all the fuss is about:  why the author of this Internet communications software program for the elite nearly ended up in jail himself!  You see, with PGP®, why your government doesn't want you to have it or know how you use it properly become plain!!   Read on! ;-)

  • Why use PGP®
    The actual and pressing reasons why any person interested in privacy or confidentiality needs
    PGP®  - can't say it shorter than that!

  • Public and Private Keys demystified
    You've heard about public and private keys, AT LAST:  an explanation you can understand!!  No more BS!  Just the basics... basics you can use to your immediate advantage!  Explained and explored until you're happy!!

  • Private key Security and Passwords understood
    Understand the *CRITICAL* relationship between private keys and 
    PGP® passwords - and WHY YOUR PASSWORD NEEDS TO FIT CERTAIN CRITERIA - REVEALED IN FULL!  Why notfollowing this sage advice could lead you WIDE OPEN TO INTERNET SNOOPS - don't miss it!

  • Digital Signatures understood
    *Don't* stay in the dark any longer - understand AT LAST just what digital signatures are, and how they can EXPLODE the level at which you can undertake transactions on the Net with SAFETY, SECURITY, CONFIDENCE AND PRIVACY.  How much longer can you really afford stay in the dark?!?

  • How to Get Started Using PGP®
    Essential warning for residents of the big brother states:  DON'T DOWNLOAD 
    PGP® without first understanding these essential LEGAL RESTRICTIONS on this military grade encryption product!!  Where to get the best graphical representation of the import, export and user restrictions out there:  so you're safe with PGP®  when you're travelling too!

  • Which version should I useDon't get caught out by the US agency snoops!  Take our recommendation and BE SURE your communications are not being read by the security services of *any* state!  Once and for all  reclaim your right to communication WITHOUT GOVERNMENT INTERFERENCE OR SURVEILLANCE OF YOUR COMMUNICATIONS!  The famous _NSAKEY explained!! Simply put:  not to be missed by anyone!
  • Where to obtain PGP®
    Full link to the International DOWNLOAD SITE for the version you need to succeed online!  No holds barred:  grab it quick; before your local politician tries to stop you - no joke!  The USA based company selling commercial licences has already withdrawn it from the market!!

  • Installation top tipDON'T make this most basic of mistakes - be one of the elite PGP® users world-wide who DOESN'T follow the WRONG PATH and fatally flaw your security procedure BEFORE YOU EVEN BEGIN!  

    This essential installation advice *must* be read by anyone serious about seriously secure communications WITHOUT FAIL!!

    If you're already using PGP having used 'blind faith' in your acceptance of the PGP default installation:  you have left yourself much more open to later attack that you have hitherto thought before now - don't:  secure this potential breach of future security following this tip so simple almost everyone I've ever met using PGP missed it!

  • Easy Access Configuration
    Yes - though you *could* plough around in the 200+ pages of support manual to come up with these neat and naughty easy and effortless access configurations, don't!  Fully explained and explored using full colour graphics - you can hardly get lost with this explanation getting you right on the right path, right from the start!  With this easy configuration set-up routine that puts PGP®JUST ONE CLICK AWAY where ever you are on your computer:   your competitors will simply belost!!!!

  • How to configure PGP® like a ProBlow away you competition:  promote yourself as an expert within minutes of reading this chapter!!!  The *essential* configurations you need to succeed with PGP® to create a TOTALLY uncrackable public and private key-pair!  Dare I say it:  miss this chapter, what ever your previous experience with PGP®  - YOU COULD BE LEFT WIDE OPEN!

  • Pre-key generation - the essentialsDON'T accept the default PGP® values like any-old Internet privacy idiot!  Read this short section first and you'll be set up like a real privacy pro in literally MINUTES!  Understand each of the key-generation options AND WHICH ONES YOU NEED TO CHANGE to be *totally* secure:  fully illustrated step-by-step, with actual SCREEN SHOTS COVERING EACH AND EVERY STAGE.  Don't miss out on the value:  covering ALL NINE of the pre-key generation configurations AND EXACTLY HOW TO DO IT FOR MAXIMUM PRIVACY *AND* SECURITY!  You'll be lost for hours without it!

  • How To Use PGP® Like A Pro
    Simply and easily with the following, step-by-step, short, easy to read, fully illustrated sub-subchapters:  you too will enter a whole new realm of e-commerce;  of trust on the Internet, between friends or colleagues!!

  • Learn to import keys effortlessly
    Follow my fully email integrated tutorial: step-by-step!  Literally, using an innovative application for online auto-responders, you'll be an import expert in literally minutes!!  All you need do is follow the clear and simple instructions and you'll be set up seconds to import keys like a pro!!

  • Learn how to encrypt a messageEasily and effortlessly commence using PGP® like a pro from the start - by following this sage advice!!  Avoid making the most BASIC AND FATAL MISTAKES MADE BY NEARLY EVERY NEW PGP® USER:  don't mark yourself out as an Internet newbie:  just think of the cost!  Present like a pro!!

  • How to digitally sign a message using PGP®Step-by-step this short tutorial literally walks you through it!  Never again need to say 'please wait for the fax, or the letter'!  Commence globally trading with other digital signature users IMMEDIATELY YOU'VE FINISHED THIS CHAPTER!  Never again need a paper copy contract!  What a tree saver!

  • How to decrypt a PGP® messageThe essential means and method for decrypting PGP® encrypted messages - easily and speedily!! Whoever said using encrypted email had to be a hassle obviously hasn't heard of plug-ins!  All is revealed - so that you too can be empowered to AUTOMATE, AUTOMATE!!

  • Encrypting Files to send to other PGP® users
    This short tutorial literally walks you through it step-by-step!  What a piece of cake!  Never again be wondering whether sending your file unencrypted was the wrong thing to do to another PGP user:  of course it was!!  But not any more; you'll be sending their confidential files and messages effortlessly encrypted to the right key:  right; every time; first time!!!!  ;-)

  • Encrypting files to send to non-PGP® users
    The info you could die for!  How to encrypt ANY FILE WHATSOEVER so that only your intended recipient can decrypt it!  Even if they are not a PGP user, don't have PGP installed on their computer ... even if they've never heard of it!  Literally this sub-chapter must be worth it's weight in gold!

Chapter Four - Remailers Understood

  • The what and why of remailers
    Understand enough about remailers to understand what you're potentially dealing with,...  and why!    Who runs them, for what purposes, and what essential thing you should NOT use remailers for - or you'll end up in some serious trouble!!!  Don't...  not once you've absorbed this speedy introduction!

  • Why Anonymity
    Read this - have the confidence to realise IT'S YOUR RIGHT TO REMAIN ANONYMOUS.  Straight from the 'horses mouth' (or should that be 'font of all wisdom and knowledge'... I never know which!!)  ...  the judiciary of the Supreme Court of the United States of America!!
  • How to Use Remailers Effectively
    Understand which type of remailer you need to use for ENCRYPTED COMMANDS  for total security!  Fully disclosed:  the secrets you could die for; allowing you to ensure no-one this side of the remailer knows who your intended recipient is!  Now we're getting serious!!

  • Traffic Analysis UnderstoodUnderstand traffic analysis so that you don't get caught out!  Understand what the super-snoops are actually perhaps up to right now during this war on terrorism:  and some strategies employed ascounter-measures by the elite.  Literally mind-blowing information for the privacy conscious!

  • Remailer Tutorial
    This set of sub-chapters will literally blow you away:  no joke!!!  Literally phenomenal freedom & liberty strategies to employ from from places where freedom shows up low on the local politicians' agendas!  Potentially life-saving if you get caught in the 'middle of the revolution' whilst travelling or whilst at home:  not such a tongue in cheek statement as before the 11th September 2001!

  • How to find a remailer
    Don't make the mistake of beginners:  sending email to a remailer that is no longer working!  Never again be stuck for a remailer to use!  Discover where on the Net actively tested  remailers are listed, FREE OF CHARGE (even with active usage statistics!):  all updated FREE OF CHARGE too:  EVERY HOUR!!  Priceless!

  • How to obtain a remailers public keyThough you can use remailers without encrypted commands - if you want to send something truly anonymously you need to be sure no-one intercepting your email en-route to the remailer can discover who you're communicating with.  And for that you need this essentially crucial information:  how to obtain the remailers public key!!  Say no more!!  ;-)

  • How to compare public keysDon't have blind faith - with the information secrets revealed here you can take informed decisions about which keys you should be encrypting your commands to!  No fuss no bother!  In seconds, like the expert you now are, determine if you're happy dealing with any remailer!!  Easy!

  • How to instruct the remailer to forward emailJust the essential commands you need to know - just the essential formatting - without which your email will be lost!!  Fully revealed the exact way you need to instruct a remailer to act on your instructions - right, first time, every time; no problem!  Anonymity almost guaranteed... (see next!)

  • Sending encrypted Instructions *AND* messagesEnsure not only *water-tight* secrecy surrounding to whom your message is addressed, ensurewater-tight communications with your recipient too!!  Learn here how to not just encrypt your instructions to the remailer, but also how to encrypt your message to the recipient to get through the remailer too!  Don't misunderstand the power:  even if intercepted; your message will be completelymeaningless gobble-de-gook!!  Perfect!!

  • How To Chain RemailersAmazing secrets revealed!!!!   Join the ranks of the Internet elite:  truly!!  Ensure not only does no one know who your message came from, ensure with these positively nefarious instructions thatNONE OF THE REMAILERS IN A CHAIN SAVE THE FIRST ONE KNOW WHO YOU ARE TOO!!!  Literally:  must be read to be believed!  This stuff blew me away when I first came across it and it still does - every day!

    Do you think this is how Osama Bin Laden is moving his emails and files untraceably?!  ...  It's certainly my best bet!  
  • How to add a subject line
    Step out using remailers like a pro!  Don't just learn how to add a subject line to your email (for complete professionalism), also learn how to add a subject line to your email so that once you send it NO ONE BUT THE LAST REMAILER AND YOUR RECIPIENT CAN KNOW WHAT IT IS!!!

  • How to add a latent timeTake counter-measures against those trying to track you down through traffic analysis:  don't just use remailers like a newbie; use them like the pro's!!!  Learn how to instruct the remailer to DELAY forwarding your message until you've established your alibi(!!!)!!!  Couldn't be easier or simpler!

  • How to add a random latent time!Don't even want to decide how the remailer will delay your email?? Smart Learn here how to let the remailer RANDOMLY DECIDE when to forward your email!!  Better yet, with the super-secrets, concisely conveyed within this beauty of a short sub-chapter:  you're only seconds away from the knowledge of learn how to let the remailer RANDOMLY forward your email WITHIN PARAMETERS SET BY YOU!!  Even more perfect!

  • How to add a reply addressDon't miss out on this essential and highly sought knowledge, even by those already in the know!  Not just how to get your email through anonymously, but also how to get your recipient to reply to your message:  to ANY ADDRESS you wish to specify!!!  Little known anonymity secrets revealed!

  • How Safe Are Remailers??


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